In March 2020 venues across the UK were forced to close as a result of the COVID19 outbreak. Without day to day trade this thrust many venues into precarious positions financially. Government help has been promised but without a clear date for when this will come into effect venues are having to be creative in finding ways to stay afloat.

In Glasgow and Edinburgh a group of sister venues exist that all operate on the same model: music, community and vegan food. The 78, Stereo, Mono, The Flying Duck, Harmonium and the Old Hairdressers, though all unique to their own identities exist as hubs of culture creativity and vegan cuisine in the cities, places where you can eat, drink and listen to music together. Naturally many of the staff in each of the venues are artists and musicians so the idea to put a compilation together made up of music by the staff to raise funds came about.

Music from Venues is a collection of 12 tracks made by staff members from across the venues ranging in different styles from post-punk to folk via doom and techno. It’s a mixed bag but so are we so we hope that anyone that enjoys attending any of the venues for food or music can find something they like in the compilation and help support the businesses through this rocky time. All proceeds from the compilation will go towards paying Staff’s wages. The link is in our bio.