Here’s another favourite dish from the @the78barandkitchen
Confit tomatoes with garlic, borlotti beans, preserved lemon
Ingredients: serves 4 as a small plate
8x cloves of garlic​
8 x plum tomatoes
Olive oil
1 x tsp coriander seeds
1 x tsp of fennel seeds
1 x tsp of ground cumin
½ x tsp ground cinnamon
1 x tsp of za’atar
1 x tsp of sumac
20ml of red wine vinegar
1 x tsp of castor sugar
3 x tins of borlotti beans
1 x good pinch of sea salt
Decent grind of pepper
Chopped parsley
Dill fronds
Preserved lemon bits
Olive oil

Scorch your plum tomatoes with on a naked flame if you have a gas oven till they start to blister a little then in a baking tray pour in a decent amount of olive oil
Then add the crushed garlic, tomatoes, and all the whole spices and seasoning and turn over till all coated
Put the oven to about 200 degrees and put the tray on the bottom shelf of oven, as you want to roast the tomatoes even more.
Once the tomatoes start to char a little after about 10 min then you can add the red wine vinegar, more olive oil, sugar and the beans, cook for a further 15 min as you want it to all soften and really combine the flavours together.
Dessertspoon of yoghurt, spread round middle centre of plate so there are deep grooves.
2 tomatoes, 1 heaped spoon of beans, decent amount of juice and oil , also it’s served at room temp so you can serve this immediately or wait for a little while if you are preparing other stuff to go with it.
Fill groove on plate with tomatoes first together in a pile off centre, then the beans, then the juice, let it all flow round the plate and yoghurt.
Scatter parsley, dill fronds and a small amount of preserved lemons.
Using a round circle motion drizzle olive oil on top then eat with a lovely crunch bit of sourdough bread to mop up the juices