@glasgowcommunityfoodnetwork Chef’s Challenge 2019🌱 @the78barandkitchen is excited to be taking part in this years great competition and use the opportunity to showcase locally grown veg and strengthen the relationship with chef’s and growers along the way!
@glasgowcommunityfoodnetwork was established in 2017 to bring together practitioners and organisations in the private, public and third sectors along with other interested individuals to develop a flourishing food system in Glasgow. We aim to work with everyone with an interest in food: chefs and restaurants, farmers and market gardeners, foodbank and soup kitchen volunteers and anyone else who cares about better food for Glasgow. We want to see a city where high quality, fresh, local, organic produce is available and affordable for all and where good food is a celebrated part of our culture.
Wish us luck as first round is next week. Either way though the taking pet and bringing awareness to such great local causes is what we are about and getting to showcase our love of food and amazing local produce along with some lovely other people and chefs in Glasgow